“What part of life is the score expressing? Our job as musicians is to help our audience feel that point inside themselves. As a conductor, it is my responsibility to be conductive of that point and to help bring that point into form.” – S. Walter


Scott Walter, conductor and music director of the Bedford Community Orchestra, resides in Montvale, Virginia and has been involved with music his entire life. Born in 1954, he grew up in Norfolk, Virginia, one of six children in a family of music. Graduating from Granby High School in Norfolk, Virginia in 1972, he went on to major in music composition in college at East Texas State University where he played in the ETSU Orchestra, Jazz Band, and his own performing ensemble. Scott spent 6 years working in Dallas, followed by 16 years in the New York area, before moving back to Virginia. He began his professional career at age 15 and over the years has enjoyed playing, composing, arranging and directing Orchestral, Symphonic, Chamber, Jazz, R&B, Show, Theater, Folk, Latin, and his own original works.  He also provides group and private instruction in music theory, improvisation, and applied music.


scott_bio_picture_2011_1767Scott’s vision for the Bedford Community Orchestra includes helping both the musicians and the audience to better connect to, and appreciate, the language and experience of orchestral music.