Bedford Community Orchestra At A New Time & Place

The Bedford Community Orchestra would like to announce their upcoming Spring Concert which will be located at the Liberty High School Auditorium, located at 100 Liberty Minutemen Drive, Bedford. The afternoon concert, celebrating the BCO’s 30th Anniversary, will be held Sunday, June 2nd at 4pm. Please note the change in time and location of this […]

“Start Spreading the News…it’s concert time!”

Join the Bedford Community Orchestra for their Fall Concert on Saturday, October 20th, at 7:30pm in the former Bedford Middle School Auditorium located at 503 Longwood Ave, downtown Bedford. The BCO will bring an evening of live orchestral music featuring selections from A Salute to the Big Apple with the popular songs Theme from New […]

“At last, Fortissimo! (on seeing Niagara Falls)” – Gustav Mahler

Emily Masters The RobertMoses hydroelectric project at Niagara Falls first went on line in 1961, makingit was the largest hydropower facility in the Western world. Up to375,000 U.S. gallons of water a second is diverted from the NiagaraRiver through conduits under the City of Niagara Falls to the Lewistonand RobertMoses power plants. Thepower of these Falls is spectacular. There are […]

Creating Positive Change

Mark Walter Virginia has 11 professional symphony orchestras and number of community orchestras. On the average each of Virginia’s orchestras serve approximately 5% of Virginia’s 7,078,515 citizens. Another way of looking at it is for each 337,072 people there is one orchestra. With a population of 66,670 Bedford City/County comprises less than 1% of Virginia’s […]

Appreciating the Intangible

President’s Message, September 2006 How can we express and share the intangible experience of great music? One way is through appreciation. Used in the sense of growing money as a result of wise investing, appreciation is valuable for any organization, including a non-profit like the BCO. There are many ways to see how the orchestra […]

Fall Concert Program, 2006

Jason Thomsen, Principal Trumpet The Bedford Community Orchestra will be performing its Fall Benefit Concert for the Performing Arts programs on October 28th at 7:30 in the Bedford Middle School Auditorium. This concert will be featuring music from many different styles and flavors. While each piece is unique in its own way, the orchestra plans […]

Finding Today’s Orchestral Composers: Writing Film Scores

Mark Walter Ask most people to identify a famous orchestral composer and they’ll usually respond with composers of earlier periods of orchestral music. Many of those composers were sponsored by nobility, a royal court, a wealthy private patron, or an organization of merchants. Orchestral scoring and symphonic composition were then, as they are now, very […]

History of the Timpani

from La Scene Musicale Since time immemorial, humans have used percussion instruments to accompany their music, dances and rituals. In the West, percussion in the orchestra gradually evolved and grew over time into a powerful section of the group, with an imposing range of tools and roles at its disposal. In recent times, non-Western percussion […]

History of the Violin

James D. Coleman The contemporary violin can trace its origins to Asian stringed instruments such as the rebab. However, the western European violin as we know it today, a four-stringed instrument held on the shoulder and played with a bow, emerged in the 16th century. In that era its function was limited to doubling a […]

Music’s Touch

Bryant Watson, Violin Music touches all of our lives, including the way certain songs can trigger a wide range of emotions and memories. Similar to reading a good story, we get different things out of the experience. When we read a book it is often influenced by our individual circumstances, our memories and even things […]