Music Matters!

President’s Message, April 2006 With more than 1,800 symphony, chamber, collegiate and youth orchestras across the country, America is brimming with extraordinary musicians, live concerts and orchestras as unique as the communities they serve. Orchestral music making is alive and well in our country, offering significant artistic, social and economic contributions at the local and […]

Rhythm and Time

Mark Walter Music that touches the heart, or mind or soul of the listener is music that reflects the rhythms and patterns of life. It’s music that evokes the listener to say ‘There’s something about that music that I deeply resonate with’. When done at its best, this evocation comes from people who are able […]

Russia’s Successful 1812 Invasion of America

Mark Walter Light up the barbeque and get ready for the fireworks. The “1812 Overture” has become an American tradition almost as sacred as hot dogs and our national anthem’s “bombs bursting in air.” Americans have embraced this famous orchestral work as one of their favorite patriotic themes. But it is not an American composition, […]

Success, in School and in Life

Mark Walter Want your kids to have the competitive edge? You’ll find it in music and the arts. Acknowledging the value of music and the arts, the federal government is taking aggressive steps to respond to the threatening inroads being made by other nations against the American education system. The message is: if you want […]

The Power of the Orchestra

Mark Walter, President What is the value of a community orchestra? A typical perception of an orchestra is validated by research, which indicates that sixty percent of adults express at least some interest in classical music, and nearly one-third of adults fit classical music into their lives regularly, in their autos and at home, but […]

Three Year National Arts Study Concludes

Mark Walter A recent study conducted by the Performing Arts Research Coalition (PARC) has found that the performing arts attract a large, diverse audience and enjoy broad support. PARC is providing an opportunity for five national service organizations: the American Symphony Orchestra League; the Association of Performing Arts Presenters; Dance/USA; OPERA America; and Theatre Communications […]

Unification, Giving and Magic

Mark Walter “It’s magical. I get transported to other exciting places through the music, where my soul is nourished.” Orchestral music can be exceptionally powerful and can move us in ways that leave us speechless, suspended in time as we find ourselves adrift in an often strange and motionless silence. Musicians experience this ‘soul-food’, as […]