Support the BCO

bco_pictures_36_400 “I think music itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.” – Billy Joel

Concert Attendance

We appreciate our audiences and supporters. After investing many hours of rehearsal and other prepatory work, it is highly rewarding to see a full house on concert night; it tells us our community values an orchestra. When you make it a point to attend it tells us you care – and you are the reason we exist. Following the orchestra through its program offerings puts you on a journey, an adventure through the wonders of music.

Volunteering Your Time

Americans volunteer more time than any nation on earth; we believe the investments of volunteering pay off. Orchestras lead the way in volunteering, with more volunteers than any other organization. For example, women volunteer more in orchestras than any other volunteer activity. The BCO has an approximately 50/50 male/female mix among its volunteers, so there’s plenty of good company for everyone.

BCO musicians and administrative volunteers invest thousands of man-hours to produce each concert. Aside from muscians, volunteer activies include helping with fundraising, concert advertising, mailings and printings, flyer distribution, recording, cleaning servies, writing, publishing, websites, emailing, record keeping, newsletter issues, process control, photography, recruiting, event hosting, food services and much more.

“Volunteering with the orchestra has shown me how to step outside of my comfort zone and create. I am now applying the principles I have used in the BCO in my personal life. Volunteering has enabled me to accomplish my personal dreams, and has helped me connect with our community, giving me a real sense of accomplishment.” – BCO volunteer

Financial Contributions

Financial contributions vary: concert donations, annual giving, grants and matching funds, benefit events, concert sponsorship, assigning the BCO as an estate beneficiary, gifting, media advertising, publishing and printing, rehearsal hall and concert venue space, instruments and equipment, music literature, truck rentals and office equipment and supplies

An orchestra program is expensive, but well worth the investment. Help ensure that our community continues to receive the benefits that only an orchestra can bring. Give generously and often.

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Please make checks payable to The Bedford Community Orchestra, 1900 Statler Road, Montvale, Va 24122