FACT: There are over 635,000 people involved in orchestras in America, and over 75% of them are volunteers. And that’s not even counting the millions who attend orchestra concerts. 

FACT: Orchestras are leaders in demonstrating the value of giving, being one of America’s foremost volunteer organizations. Highly unique in its approach to volunteerism, orchestras set the standard for volunteering, with women leading the way. According to the Symphony Orchestra Institute there is no organization in the United States that has such an overwhelmingly high degree of women-led community service as the orchestra.

FACT: The BCO provides over 11,000 man-hours of volunteer opportunities and community service per year. 


Volunteers Needed – Moving Equipment: Please help out our Logisitics Team if you are available. We will need help setting up and also need help breaking down after the concert!


The orchestra is organized into the music and administrative sides. The music side is led by the Music Director and the administrative side is led by the President. The following positions are available in the administrative side of the orchestra. No music experience is required.


Logistics Team Members – Join the Logistics Team, the group responsible for setting up and breaking down the stage and lobby areas for each concert. Equipment is moved from our rehearsal center to the venue and set up prior to the concert. Immediately following the concert, the equipment is broken down and returned to the Rehearsal Hall. Historically, a lot of the musicians have pitched in to do this work. Help take the load off of our musicians, so they can focus on the music and performance. This will be a six member team, responsible for approximately two to three events per year. Team members report to the Logistics Team Leader. There are currently two openings.

Chairperson, Friends of the BCO – Responsibilities will focus on the development of this 300 person strong organization, including the hosting of orchestra related events, raising community awareness, strengthening financial support sponsored by Friends programs, such as fundraisers (home tours, social events, special music events, etc.). The Chairperson reports to the President.

Grant Writer – Help develop a formal grant writing program, including the submittal of grant applications and follow-up documentation. The Grant Writer reports to the Music Director and the President.

Email Coordinator – Responsible for email notifications to the Friends of the BCO and community leaders. Notifications include event announcements, concert announcements, newsletter releases, etc. The coordinator works with the Orchestra Manager and reports to the Vice President.

Web Coordinator – Responsible for public awareness on the web, including event and concert listings. This position reports to the Vice President.

Video Technician – Responsible for recording each concert. This is a technical position, requiring basic equipment including camera, tripod, microphone, etc. Part of the A/V team, this position reports to the President.